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VIP Standalone Toilets

VIP Standalone Toilets

VIP portable restroom or premier portable toilets are best when you need something nicer and fancy. Your events’ guest lists sometimes include highly regarded public figures, in short VIPs. Not the same portable sanitary arrangements can be offered to them, but there needs to be a better portable toilet with many luxurious settings and comfortable toileting experience should be ensured. VIP Self Contained Restrooms perfectly fit the bill in such cases. Available in different models, absolutely sophisticated sanitary equipment is available like different types of waste dissipating techniques; like pump-action technique, black water holding tanks and incinerators.


  • The modern, heavy-duty plastic design promotes an extremely clean and dry interior.
  • Built-in sink, an easy use of a soap dispenser and a hand towel dispenser.
  • Larger and more fancier interior than the standard portable restroom.
  • Separate shelf for storage of personal items.
  • Built-in-urinal.
  • Translucent roof for a better interior